The Tyler Birth House

Tyler families and those in our surrounding communities have the option to birth in our gorgeous facility in downtown Tyler. The Birth House boasts a birth room and a two-room birth suite. Each birth space includes a luxury built in birth tub, comfortable bed and the amenities to make your stay comfortable. Talk to your midwife about the option of utilizing The Tyler Birth House.



Home Birth

Our philosophy is rooted in a genuine conviction that pregnancy and birth are normal life events.  Pregnancy is not a disease, and birth is not a medical event.  We use the wisdom of midwifery tradition alongside the evidence of modern medicine to support the natural physiologic process of childbirth while protecting the safety of the birthing person and their baby. 

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Our team

Bright Blessings Midwifery has brought together a team of experienced, caring, providers to support you through your pregnancy and birth.

Heather Carmody, LM, CPM

Licensed Midwife

Courtney Boaz

Apprentice Midwife

Samantha Gann

Apprentice Midwife

What our clients Say

Sarah T
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Heather believe in my ability to give birth following a complicated cesarean when the doctors told me that my only option was a repeat cesarean at 36 weeks. She supported me as I welcomed my next three children into my own arms and only stepped in when necessary. She was skillfully able to manage birth complications that arose during my second birth with her. I have no doubt that her calm skillfulness minimized any complications that would have occurred had anyone else been my support at the time. Her support has been so far above and beyond anything I could have expected or received otherwise.
Kaela R.
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I couldn't recommend Heather Carmody as a midwife enough. I switched from a OBGYN/clinic setting to a midwife/birthing center very late in my pregnancy and had much less time to prepare for a natural birth than others. Heather answered every question me and my fiance had and offered all her years of knowledge to help me through that last trimester. When labor was proving far more difficult then we expected to start she pulled out every trick in the book and helped us finally usher in our sweet baby! Many blessings to this sweet woman! Very helpful, personable, kind, and full of knowledge to share!

Midwifery Care, Birth, Water Birth, Massage Therapy, Ultrasounds, Classes, Boutique, Wellness Products, Annual Exams, Fertility Support.

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